Sam Ovens Scam: Fact Checking 2021

Sam Ovens Scam

Is Sam Ovens A Scam? 

The quick answer to this question is no, Sam Ovens is not a scam, but his marketing could be a little misleading and you might not have been a good fit and therefore if you purchase it you will be getting “scammed”. 

The reason I say that he is not a scam is because from my own personal experience his courses really do work and provide amazing information and value to its students. Also there are many thousands of success stories and positive reviews for the course.


There are two types of people who think he is a scam, and they are both valid. One is the person who actually purchased the course and feel they got scammed out of their money, and the other is the person who has only watched Sam’s ads or content and then thinks he is a scam. 

We are going to discuss both of these scenarios because I think they are both valid.

The Student who got scammed

So if the course is actually valuable, does what it claims, and has thousands and thousands of successful students and testimonials, why would a student say they got scammed out of their money? 

There are a few reasons for this. One would be they did not do the work. I know it sounds cliche but it is very true, if you purchased this course and expected to start your own business without working hard or you expected to get rich quick and easy then you would definitely feel you have been scammed when it doesn’t happen. The truth is that if you were expecting that to be the case, the course is definitely not for you and Sam does say that, but in his marketing material he does not make that a large topic of discussion and it is sort of only in the fine print of his marketing material. 

In FACT, He actually doesn’t even mention anything about needing to put the work in or how much time you will need to spend working hard anywhere on the Consulting Accelerator sales page. 

He spends most of the page talking about how you can start a wildly profitable business in 6 weeks, regardless of previous experience or knowledge. And while this might be true for some I do not think it is typical for a complete novice with no prior experience to get a client in 6 weeks. At least without some serious hard work, dedication and intelligence.

So while the course actually is valuable and probably the best in the market for beginners to online businesses, I could understand when someone feels scammed after Sam makes extravagant claims that are not typical as his main marketing material. 

Although I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who goes through the entire course and says they didn’t get their money’s worth just from the knowledge and lessons learned throughout the training. Even if they do not get their results fast, they would still admit they are satisfied with the course. 

I have made a list of people who would likely feel they have been scammed if they purchase Sam Ovens course, so here it is: 

  1. The person who just wants to “Get Rich Quick and Easy”
  2. The person who won’t complete the entire course
  3. The person who gives up too fast

I go into more detail about who his courses are NOT for and who would be “scammed” if they purchase this course on my Full Consulting Accelerator Review.

So go to that page if you want to figure out if you are going to be scammed buying this course or if it is actually a good fit and going to work for you. 

For the rest of this page we are going to fact check some of Sam Ovens claims and see if his entire persona and marketing material is a scam. 

Marketing Material a Scam?

Sam Ovens does a lot of online advertising, and for this reason people who have never bought his course believe he is a scam. Unfortunately for Sam I believe this is due to him being lumped in with all the other “Make money online gurus” many of which sell courses that don’t actually get results. 

But some of the blame must also be put on Sam, as I think this criticism is fair because a lot of his marketing material could be considered misleading. 

Like I mentioned before, he states that anyone can get results regardless of previous knowledge or experience and while I think that is true I think it is misleading. 


So to summarize; No, I do not believe that Sam Ovens, his courses and all his success is a scam. While I do believe some people have been reasonably mislead by his marketing and in turn feel they have been scammed by him, I think that his course is of great value for the price. 

My number one tip to anyone who thinks Sam Ovens might be a scam or is concerned that it is too good to be true:

Watch Sam Ovens YouTube videos. It is free content where he teaches some amazing topics. Personally, I never would have bought the course if he didn’t prove himself to me through his outstanding teachings in his YouTube videos. He also gives you an inside look at what it is like to be a part of the training in his Q&A videos with students that he released for free. 

On top of that, I recommend EVERYONE try his course Consulting Accelerator’s FREE TRIAL simply because it is completely free and there is easily $1000 worth of content in the free trial alone. This is the best way to make your own determination on if Sam and his course is a scam. It does require a credit card to get access, but you can cancel your order on day 1 and you actually retain access to the content for 7 days (This video shows you how to do that).

Because it truly is a free trial where you don’t pay a dollar, I seriously do recommend everyone try it out because you have nothing to lose and the best way to determine if he is a scam is to get access to the product for free! Also, I think the fact that Sam offers a free trial is very powerful in him combatting the notion that he is a scam. 

In order to get access to a free trial you need a referral link from a student. If you’d like to use mine, here it is: FREE TRIAL LINK

To learn more about his course and get an in-depth review, I recommend you read my Full Review.

Fact Checking His Claims

Sam Ovens makes huge claims about his Consulting Accelerator course, and here we are going to fact check the validity of these claims. 

1. 4.9 Stars from 3,761 Reviews

Verdict: TRUE

So it is true that Sam has received this amount of reviews from real students. He even posts most of the video testimonials on their website, you can see them for yourself here. These are actually real reviews from real students and it is worth watching some of the reviews. 

In fact it would appear that these review numbers may even be outdated. 

As a side note, as oppose to watching the review videos from students before I purchased the course I had actually preferred to watch the student interviews conducted by Sam himself. This is where Sam talks with some students about their experience with the course and I think is more insightful than the solo testimonials. You can see the student interviews here: link

2. 20,000 Active Students

Verdict: Misleading!

The claim that Consulting Accelerator has 20,000 customers is probably true and I do not doubt it. The reason that I marked this claim as misleading is because Sam Ovens states that there are 20,000 active students, meanwhile the Facebook group actually only has 16.7k members.

Consulting Accelerator Group Members

Either way 16.7 thousand members in a paid facebook group is an outstanding community. And the numbers on that are impressive to say the least. That would be over $30 MILLION dollars in sales! Something must be working. 

3. 690M Earned By Students 

Verdict: Hard to tell

For this one, unfortunately it is hard to tell how true or false it is. I personally lean towards believing that it is accurate. Although if you divide the claimed total earnings by the number of active facebook group members, it comes out to about $40,000 PER student. Which is a huge ROI on the $1997 or $1497 after discount. Although this obviously doesn’t mean every single member has earned $40,000 as it probably follows the 80/20 principle meaning 80% of that $690M was probably earned by 20% of the students. 

Stats are outdated

So these stats are reportedly outdated. Which means the numbers are likely understated right now. Here is a screenshot from the community where one of the managers is asked about the metrics:

Consulting Accelerator Group Manager Verifying Sam Ovens Claims

As you can see the metrics are supposedly extremely outdated, and Sam reportedly even has 8 figure earners! Which is insane. 

On his website he is only reporting 52 millionaire earners from the program but now they reportedly have almost 200! So they are really selling themselves short here.

Obviously these stats are hard to prove for sure but I believe them to be accurate as they are proven every day with the community posting about their successes and Sam consistently talks publicly with his biggest earners. 

Money Back Guarantee: A Scam?

On the website the company states that they offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Here is a screenshot from the website:

Sam Ovens Money Back Guarantee

The only problem with this is that it is actually very misleading. They make it seem like it is very easy to get a refund if you are not satisfied with the course for any reasons. The truth is much different. You are only eligible for a refund if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You submit all action items for Weeks 1 and 2
  2. You did NOT sign up using a free trial
  3. You are within the 14 day window. 

The problem with this is that the first 2 weeks have 30 HOURS worth of video in it… so you are not eligible for a refund unless you have spent 30 hours going through the training and also taking action on the action items throughout the 2 weeks. 

Also, he doesn’t really mention anywhere except in the fine print that you can only get a refund if you never signed up with a free trial. Which is unfortunate because it is actually harder to sign up without getting a free trial than it is to get one. Their main purchase funnel automatically gives you a free trial. (Not a $500 discount though) 

So the verdict on this money back guarantee is definitely leaning more towards scam than honest. Although I can see the angle Sam is coming from, he wants you to truly give the course a shot before getting a refund I don’t think it should be marketed as a “no questions asked” type of refund policy. 

Sign Contract AFTER Payment? 

Here is another controversial tactic that and Sam Ovens have deployed on their course. They charge your credit card BEFORE they ask you to agree to signing their terms and conditions/contract. 

Girl in a jacket

I consider this to be rather sketchy because common practice in the online course industry is to have you sign the contract before they take payment. Although I guess they aren’t all that ill-intentioned because after contacting support, it appears that if you decide you don’t want to agree to the contract they will refund the payment with truly no questions asked…. I guess because they have to.