Sam Ovens Review: Consulting Accelerator 2021

This is going to be an honest Sam Ovens Review and Consulting Accelerator Review from a student of

I have personally gone through the entire 120 hours of the course, as well as many others online to compare it to. 

My goal is to share my experience, tell you if it works or not, help you decide if you should buy it, and I will also breakdown the entire course to explain what you will be getting if you do purchase it.

Quick Review Summary

What is it: A full course to take you from zero to hero starting an online business

Does it work?: Yes. 100%. It did for me.

Pros: Best training you can find anywhere, huge community, covers everything you need to know to start an online business, and it works. 

Cons: Takes hard work to complete, takes commitment, some marketing could be misleading.

Price: Consulting Accelerator costs $1999 USD ($1499 after discount)   

Should You Buy It: If you want to start an online business and are committed to doing the work, it is a no brainer. If you aren’t sure, you can read this full review or you can just go through the free trial and see it for yourself (You can cancel in 2 clicks and keep access for 7 days without paying).

My Opinion And Experience 

Ok, so let me preface this review with saying that I have been follower of Sam Ovens since late 2018 and actually joined the course in May 2019. I have a very good understanding of Sam’s teachings, his mindset, his story and his methods. Good and bad. 

Before taking his course I was a completely different person. I was always a person involved in entrepreneurship and making money online, but what Sam Ovens and Consulting Accelerator did for me was turn it into a reality.
Before and After meme

Just look at what happened to Jeff Bezos after he completed Sam Ovens course(not actually).

No but really, It made me serious about my work, become highly productive, be wary of the knowledge I consume, the habits I have, and it reassured my convictions that are generally counter to that of regular society but common place among entrepreneurs. 

Most importantly it taught me the best practices to get the results I already knew I wanted but didn’t know how to get. Some people need convincing that starting their own online business is what they should do, or that it is possible… this course will do that for you.

But for me, I just needed to know the best ways to do it from someone who had already done it. 

In that regard the program has definitely been a life changer for me.

There is a lot of noise out there online about how to make money on the internet, how to start your own business, be an entrepreneur etc.. it seems that there is always a new hack or technique to get rich off of. Sam Ovens may even be contributing to this noise. But this course will show you that making money online is not about the newest gadget or method promoted by everyone, it is about finding a problem, getting the skills to solve that problem, and then selling the solution. 

Sam Ovens is a very clear thinker, and he is able to distill these large complex ideas and explain them to you in a way that you can clearly understand. 
Sam Ovens Focusing

In the course he walks you through the steps of creating your own business.

Finding a problem, finding the solution, and then how to sell that solution. He teaches you all 3 of those things. And his course is the absolute best online at doing it.

Truthfully it is the only one worth even buying, I regret all the other ones which I won’t even mention by name. I wish I had just bought this course from the start, I would have been better off. 

But for me personally, even though those things are incredibly valuable and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the realizations about business that this course has given me, the real value based on where I was in my life at the time, was found in week 2; the mindset training. 

Week 2 is where Sam teaches you what it takes to be an entrepreneur, a businessman, a highly productive person.

Basically how to stop being a loser(I was), how to take control of your life, how to stop procrastinating, how to stop worrying about what other people think, how to ACTUALLY set and achieve your goals. How to develop discipline, shows you habits that you need to stop doing like social media etc, and how to develop habits that you really need to start doing like focusing and working. 

I could go on and on about that week and the lessons I learned there that have changed my life. I am not even the same person I used to be before going through it and I will forever be grateful to Sam for Week 2. 

Truthfully that week is the gold of this course. I continually watch Week 2 over and over again. It has been invaluable to me. It is really hard to explain to someone why it is so great, because you would need to go through the course yourself to understand the lessons in there and the changes you will see within yourself and your thinking. 

I really believe that Week 2 of Consulting Accelerator is a must for ANYONE looking to be self-employed or an entrepreneur. I will talk more about it in the course breakdown section of this review. 

But here are some of the other biggest lessons I learned throughout the entire course: 

  • How to get an idea for a business that will actually work
  • How to have the mindset and habits of a successful person
  • How to sell to people on the phone
  • How to become a Facebook Ads master
  • How to set up and organize your business properly from the start
  • How to manage the operations of your business
  • How to hire and manage a team to help you run your business

I personally used this course to start my own digital marketing firm which now actively has clients.

I would not have been able to do it without this course. Not even close. 

Before I took the course I was doing digital marketing(SEO) for my own website. It wasn’t making as much money as I was hoping or expecting it too but I had developed this skill that I knew was valuable and really wanted to start selling it to clients. 

I had absolutely no idea how I could do this, how to get clients, how to service them, how to sell people on the phone, what to charge…. I was clueless.

This course was literally a Godsend as it was like finding the missing piece to the puzzle. It basically gave me all the answers I was looking for.

I made my money back from the course in 50 days after setting up my “agency” style business and started getting clients for my new service.

So because of my own personal experience I absolutely can not recommend this course enough especially for anybody who is currently in a similar situation that I was in.

But it is not for everyone.

Should You Buy It?  

This is not a simple yes or no.

It depends meme

It really does depend on your situation. I think that every single person can learn something from it.

But for some people they may be expecting something else. They may be expecting a business to be given to them in a box. That’s not what this course is.

Consulting Accelerator is your business plan in a box, how to build it, how to run it, and how to get results.

But it truthfully does not teach you the skills you need to actually service other people.

With the exception of Facebook Ads. It actually does contain possibly the world’s best Facebook Ads training in Week 5 and you can easily sell that as a service to clients.

But if you don’t want your business to be running Facebook ads for clients, then you are left to either develop your own skills elsewhere, or use a skill that you already have. 

Although a part of the course is Sam actually helping you realize skills you already have that could easily be sold as a service to clients, you might not even know you could sell those skills right now.

He truly believes that everyone has a skill they can sell and if they don’t they can easily learn one, and he helps you do that as well. 

For me, I had already been doing and learning SEO for almost 2 years before ever purchasing the course. And when I went through the course it was like putting fuel on the fire of my business and it is unbelievable how much it exploded. 

So if you already have a skill and you think you want to start offering it to clients, then you 100% should buy Consulting Accelerator right now.

No questions asked.

Do It Now Guy

If you are prepared to do whatever it takes, and believe that you are capable of learning any skill that it takes to achieve your dreams; then YES you 100% should buy Sam Oven’s course.

And the course will actually help you develop a lot of the skills you will be providing or open your eyes to some of the skills you already have but didn’t realize you could create a business out of. 

And if you are interested in doing Facebook Ads for clients then this course is an absolute no brainer for you as well. Like I said this contains the best Facebook Ads training I have ever seen and that makes this course literally the only thing you need to get clients paying you monthly. 

Remember this is coming from a full time digital marketer. The Facebook Ads training is literally the best you can get, I promise you. 

Who Should Not Buy It

So what if you don’t fall into those groups of people? 

What if you don’t have a skill that will provide value to other people/businesses(you probably do), you don’t want to do the work outside of the course to LEARN a skill to provide to people, AND you don’t want to do Facebook ads for clients…

Then NO you shouldn’t buy this course. 

Get Out Now

Additionally, you shouldn’t buy this course if you aren’t all that interested in starting an agency/consulting type business where you take on clients and do work for them.

Even though it is the absolute quickest way to go from 0-$100k per year with an online business, I understand that working with clients is not everyone’s cup of tea.

(Little known fact you can hire contractors to do the service delivery, you could just do the selling)

Also, an obligatory statement that if you are not willing to do the work laid out in the course, the work it takes to actually start a business, and you are expecting to buy this course and magically become an absolute productivity monster with thousands of dollars coming in without devoting a ton of effort, hardship, and at least 3 months of unrelenting commitment…

Then NO you shouldn’t buy this course. 

You need to understand that it’s going to be very hard at first. In the course, Sam compares it to a train. A train takes a lot of energy and effort to start moving, and the beginning is the hardest part. But once that train begins to move it takes less and less energy to move it and eventually builds up so much momentum that it becomes hard to STOP it.

And the same is true in business, you need to be willing to commit to getting the momentum started. 

Thankfully, Sam fully understands that and he makes it really easy for anybody to gain the confidence and ability to overcome the difficult stage. 


In Summary, there is no comparable course in terms of quality when it comes to starting a consulting/agency type business, or just any online business in general.

Consulting Accelerator is simply the gold standard and it is not even close.

If you want to offer a service to clients this course is perfect for you. It just so happens that is also the best way to go from 0-$100k in online business right now. 

If you don’t want to offer a service to clients then NO I don’t recommend you buy this course because you may not get the full value out of it. Even though you would get a ton of value no matter what business you are in. 

I can tell you about my experience, or you can watch the thousands of video testimonials for the course, but at the end of the day you will never know if you don’t try it for yourself. 

The course 100% works and does what it claims. I can vouch for it. 

The only way for you to be truly convinced that this course is the real deal and does what it says it will do for you is to try it yourself.

Thankfully, Sam Ovens offers a free trial to people if his current students recommend you (so here I am, recommending YOU!). You can try the course 100% free using my exclusive link here: Free Trial (includes $500 off if you buy)

Get Started Now with Sam Ovens

Full Course Breakdown and Review of Consulting Accelerator

Consulting Accelerator Course Products Photo

In this next section I am going to break down the entire course and what you can expect to learn from each module so you know exactly what you are getting. 

The course contains 120 hours of content throughout 55 modules, dozens of action items and worksheets, and is broken down into 7 weeks + a digital marketing bonus week.

When you purchase Consulting Accelerator they give you access to the online training, online community, and they mail you a box set containing all the training in textbook form as well as other booklets(we will talk about this later).

Here is how the weeks are broken down: 

Week 1 – Foundations

Week 2 – Mindset

Week 3 – Sales Training

Week 4 – How To Get Clients

Week 5 – Facebook Ads Training

Week 6 – How To Operate and Grow Your Business

Week 7 – Exponential Scale 

DM Bonus Week – Digital Marketing Agency Bonus Week!

Now I am going to break down each week and the biggest takeaways I have learned from each!

Week 1 – Business Foundations

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Week One

The biggest takeaways from the first week of the training is setting the foundations of your business and your mindset as an entrepreneur. For many this will be a real eye opener. 

Then Sam Ovens introduces you to theories such as the consulting equation where he breaks down the reality of what client based businesses are doing and why many people fail. 

He then moves on to teach you about the different types of consulting and how it evolves as you scale your business.

After that he continues with teaching you how to take a view on the market by thinking for yourself and not as a participant and what that has to do with your consulting business. 

Then he begins to get into the real business forming stuff, such as helping you pick your niche and why you NEED to pick a niche and not be a generalist. 

A niche is a specific group of people such as accountants, or married women etc. Except that would be a 1.0 niche, in the training he goes even further and teaches you about 2.0 niches. 

In Module 5 – “Picking your 2.0 niche” Sam Ovens goes into precise detail about exactly how to pick the perfect niche for you and what has worked for others in the past. This part of the training is very important.

Overall week 1 is very important because it is the foundation of which your business and the rest of the training lays on. From my experience it is very important to get the foundations right on your first go around because you will learn later in the training that if your foundations are wrong you will need to go back to the beginning and fix it. 

This entire week is available here in the Free Trial.

Week 2 – Mindset Training

Consulting Accelerator Week two

This week, like I mentioned before, is probably my favorite and one of the most valuable parts of the Consulting Accelerator program. It is what truly sets it apart from any other training program in the world! 

It starts off with a module called The Dark Force Holding Your Heels and it provides you with a new way of perceiving the world and how most of societies paradigm is wrong. An example of this is the false perceptions of entitlement and authority. Essentially stating that because someone has a “certificate” that you should listen to them or that they deserve success. Sam breaks down this perception and why it is wrong.(The only thing that matters is results). 

The next module is called Face Off With The Devil – and it is actually available free on Sam Ovens Youtube – I recommend just watching that video to get an overall sense of this weeks training, it is a really great module available completely free. 

One of my favorite modules is Number 5 – Alchemy of self. It details how you can transform yourself to become the person that can effortlessly achieve your dreams. And it actually works (at least for me it did). 

It teaches you how to take control of your mind, instead of allowing your mind to control you. 

It teaches you how to get out of ruts, live your life with intent instead of being someone else’s intent, and how to make your dreams a MINIMUM STANDARD not a distant thing. 

It teaches you how to fight back against your mind and that voice in your head that stops you from doing the things you know you want and need to do. 

For example when you think about getting out of bed in the morning, lie to yourself about the benefits of staying in bed, denying responsibility to improve your life, listen to your thoughts and falling back asleep, regretting it and beating yourself up, and then you promise yourself to never do it again…. Only to repeat the same cycle the next day. 

This was a huge problem for me and the training completely resolved it for me, it was truly like the module was speaking directly to me and knew my exact problems that I was facing. (this is in Week 2 Module 6 by the way)

Anyways, like I said week 2 is a great one and I revisit this training all the time, some modules once a week even to this day because they are that great. 

The first 3 or 4 modules of week 2 are available in the free trial and Module 2 is available on YouTube here. (Highly recommend watching that) 

Week 3 – Sales Training

Consulting Accelerator Week Three

Week 3 is Sam Ovens sales training, and it is actually really good. 

First he debunks all the myths and illusions most people hold about sales such as salesman are born not made etc. 

Then he really hammers in that Sales is absolutely MANDATORY in business and why that is the case. 

He then goes on to explain how you can absolutely master sales, and it truly is some of the best training you will find anywhere and he boils it down into great, entertaining videos.

And he gives you an entire script that you can edit to make yours but really goes through the entire process of a sales call and how to master it. 

The sales week is probably my second favorite week after the Mindset training. 

Just because it has been so useful to me.

The crazy part is that it is fully available in the free trial. The script and everything. You could literally sign up for the free trial, cancel your membership in 1 step, and go through the training and download Sam Ovens sales script 100% FREE!

That is a little secret between us that I am letting you know about..

Most people don’t actually know you can do that. I highly recommend it even if you aren’t going to purchase to go through the sales training for free and download the sales script. 

He then goes on to explain the pitfalls that most people fall victim to as a salesman and then really ignites your flame and motivates you in the last module because at this step of the training you know who you are going to sell to, how to get the work done, and how to sell it!

You are ready to start making money at this point. 

Which brings us to week 4. 

Week 4 – How To Get Clients

Consulting Accelerator Week four

The only thing we are missing at this point is how to get clients, and so that is what Sam Ovens teaches you in week 4. 

He starts off by explaining that most people think fancy websites, social media presence, funnels etc make you successful, but that is not true.

He says that the only thing that makes people successful is solving peoples problems and getting paid for it and explains that you must not get distracted by the fancy gadgets and things that do not matter! The only thing that matters is to get a proof of concept for your business. 

He goes into detail on how you can prospects to schedule a call with you, How to attract them into your sales funnel using organic methods(not paid ads).

And at this point he gives you a template for your website, funnel, outreach messages, everything! He basically gives you everything you need to launch your business for free!(its included with the training).

You set up your website and the funnel, practice your sales script, and then start reaching out to people to get them on the phone and make sales! 

Once you get 3-10 paying clients you are ready to scale your business to the moon with paid ads.

Which brings us to week 5…

Week 5 – Facebook Ads Training

In week 5 of Consulting Accelerator Sam Ovens gives you the best Facebook Ads training available anywhere… and I mean that as a full time digital marketer, I can fully vouch for the training being the best. 

That’s basically all there is to this week. He teaches you how to set up and run highly profitable Facebook Ads. I’m not going to go into detail about it.

You can use this new skill for your own business or even offer it as a service to other businesses.

Not much more to be said.

I will link to 2 free Facebook Ads training videos Sam Ovens uploaded to his YouTube channel that are from this week:

Playing to the biases of Facebook’s Algorithm

How to scale Facebook Ads to the moon

Week 6 – How To Service Clients

Consulting Accelerator Week Six

At this point in the training you have your foundations for your business, your entrepreneur mindset training, sales training, you know how to get clients, AND you have the best facebook ads training in the world. It seems logical that the only thing left to do is service your new clients.

This is an important part of the training and really completes the whole program. 

He teaches you minimum viable service delivery. The basic explanation of this is that you only provide the things that actually make a difference for your clients.

An example of this would be 1on1 calls and reports for your clients weekly. 

He teaches that if you reason by analogy, you would come to the conclusion that since everyone else is doing these reports I must also do it… it’s industry standard. 

BUT if you reason by First Principles(like a good entrepreneur would, as he teaches) then you would come to the conclusion that reports and phone calls are NOT actually what you client wants. What you client wants is RESULTS.

And by providing constant reports and phone calls it is actually distracting you from providing results, and therefore you must put your foot down so you can get them better results. 

This is one of the many, many lessons he teaches, but I wanted to provide you with a quick example to give you a rough idea of what to expect.

He also teaches you how to set client expectations and why it is important to say “no” as a consultant. 

As well as how to hire great contractors. What he likes to call “1% contractors”. They can do as much as 10 regular contractors and that is why we must find them and hire them to help you automate your business and deliver better results for your clients. 

He teaches you how to manage the contractors, project manage, and productivity hacks to be a more effective team. 

The last part of the training is finance and cashflow mastery. This is important especially once you start making money.

It is harder to manage and keep money than it is to make it. 

He teaches you how to do your accounting books, how to organize your finances, business and personal, and in general how to manage your money and business like a real entrepreneur. 

One of my favorite weeks which will be very useful to you when you are getting started, and very very useful when you have achieved some success and start making money, it is amazing to return to it. 

DM Bonus Week – Digital Marketing Agency

Consulting Accelerator DM Bonus Week

This week is for those that can’t pick a specific niche or just want to do general digital marketing consulting.

As a digital marketer, I can say this week is really useful if you do anything related to digital marketing at all. No matter what niche or service you deliver, if it is digital marketing related this week is really great for you. 

He breaks down the different types of services you can provide for clients. This includes selling them websites, digital marketing retainers such as Google or Facebook Ads, and more and the pros and cons of each. 

He also goes into extreme detail about the service delivery/workflow for delivering these services… which is truly going above and beyond. 

He literally gives you the exact things to offer clients, how to explain your service, and then tells you each step of how to deliver it. 

I feel this part of the training is often left out when people write reviews or talk about the program. This part of the training was hugely relevant and helpful to me. Maybe because I am involved in the space but it is really, really great. 

And once again he goes into very specific detail about how you can actually hire contractors to help you deliver these services.

An example would be hiring a WordPress developer to build your clients website once you sell them on your service, or a Google Ads manager. He tells you exactly where to find them, how to filter through the good and bad ones, and how much they should cost. 

This week is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to do digital marketing. 

Consulting Accelerator Review Summary

Overall, I highly recommend the course. I found it hard putting all the content and lessons into a short review like this. I tried my best to show you that the lessons in the course are truly profound, but ultimately you won’t be able to realize that unless you go through the course yourself. Remember there is over 100 hours of training, this is the tip of the iceberg. 

I think that is why Sam Ovens offers a free trial. It is because he knows that being able to go through the training yourself is the only thing that will convince you it is the real deal and worth the money. 

For those of you who are still not convinced or are still on the fence, I was in the same position. I am not here to convince you that this course is great, but if you are reading this review it is because you want it to be and I am telling you that it is. 

But if you are like me, that is not enough. Personally I recommend going through the free trial before buying and then making your decision.

Alternatively, I have linked many modules from the training that are available for free on YouTube, and there are also many other free blog videos to give you an insight into Sam Ovens genius and teachings: Sam Ovens YouTube

Another great resource that I used before I made my decision to purchase is his Q&A videos with his students: here

And also his customer interviews with customers that have found success with the course(this made me pull the trigger): here

If you DO decide to purchase and I have helped you, you can use my exclusive code that is only available to active students in the program. It gives you $500 off and also the 7 day free trial I have talked about: Free Trial+$500 Off here.

That makes the price $1499 instead of $1999. 

In the next part of the review I am going to be talking more about what you actually get after you make the purchase such as the online community, physical books, the user interface and more! 

Training Platform

Girl in a jacket

This is what the interface looks like on desktop. It is also available on mobile and looks equally as good. It is very simple and is absolutely perfect. There are no complaints to be made.

I am not 100% sure but I believe the platform was custom made by the developer team at

Either way it is great and makes the modules easily accessible as well as the action items and resources. 

This is the online version of the course, but the offline / physical version of Consulting Accelerator is shipped to you as well. 

Physical Books for Consulting Accelerator

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Physical Books

This comes as part of your purchase. You do not need to buy this separately or anything. It is shipped to you with 2-3 business day delivery no matter where you are in the world. 

It contains 2 textbooks, inside those textbooks are all the modules, their transcript, and photos. It is great to read them, or even just to follow along with the videos/audio depending on your preferred learning style. This makes it really easy to learn the way that best suits you. 

On top of the textbooks, it also contains a notebook similar to a moleskin notebook. It is basically just a regular(although high quality I must say) notebook with branding and is used for taking notes during your sales calls. 

Next is the daily planner. My personal favorite.

Sam Ovens recommends you go through it every single day. You fill out the blanks on each page, each page for a new day. Here is a photo of the inside:
Sam Ovens Daily Alchemy Planner

Going through that planner every morning feels amazing.

Last is just a pamphlet type thing that is meant to hold your mindset material. You are meant to go through this everyday and this holds all your papers. 

I must say though, the quality of the box and the books is absolute top notch. Like really, really high quality and I think it reflects the quality of the course and also it just feels good using high quality things every day. I think Sam knows that and did it intentionally. You feel successful just using these products

Online Community / Group

Skool Interface

Ok so this used to be a facebook group, although since this review is much newer than all the others online, this is going to be up to date and I am going to state that they have moved from Facebook groups to a new community. 

The facebook group used to have over 16,000 students in it! And it was very active and a great researching tool for asking questions, seeing others succeed with the course, and just learning in general. 

But they have now moved to a new platform called Skool. This was developed by Sam Ovens himself! He says he spent $10 million dollars of his own money building the platform!

He migrated the Consulting Accelerator community over to in late 2020. 

Since I was an active member in the facebook group, and am now an active member in the Skool community, I must say that it is actually much better now. 

There is a reason that Sam made this platform and it was totally worth it for him to do that. It is totally better now. 

If you want to watch the video of Sam introducing Skool and why he built it you can see that video here: Sam Ovens Skool Introduction Video 

But to sum it up for you quickly, he wanted to get away from Facebook. He frequently advises people not to use social media and Facebook but then he had his student group on Facebook. An obvious contradiction. 

He didn’t like that Facebook was distracting, full of ads, getting worse and worse with the political stuff, and also the community on the Facebook group was becoming spammy. He called it “look at me-ism”.

In general, the new Skool group is great. And better than the Facebook group ever was. 

It is useful for you to be able to ask questions to the group, use the search tool to search any questions you might have(personal favorite), meet and befriend like minded people in the community on the same journey as you, and also to see other people succeeding with the program gives you confidence. 

We do this thing called “Ringing the bell” where you post a photo of a bell and title it RING THE BELL when you get your first client or close a huge deal. This happens every single day. 

Seeing these posts and learning from the people who have succeeded as they tell their story is invaluable. 

Additionally, if you want to practice sales calls with people(something that Sam Ovens recommends), you can go to the group and create a post. Instantly you will have people replying ready to practice with you, and they have gone through the training and know how to challenge you and understand where you need to improve and will give you great feedback.

Accountability Partner

Now this part, I have to be honest, I have never used. So I can’t really write a review on it. But the theory is simple. This is how they describe it:

“The first tool on Earth that matches you with an ideal business building friend, so you can turn the journey of building your business from solo to social.

With over 20,000 customers in the Community, you’re bound to find the right match for you.

Match with a friend, build your businesses, make money, have fun.

All with Accountability Partner.

Try it now, your match is waiting for you.”

You press a button that says let’s begin and from there they match you up with another student to be your partner.

Like I said I never actually did it but I know most people actually do set themselves up with a partner and I have heard it helps a lot. 

I wish I could go into more detail about my experience but that is about the limits of knowledge with the Accountability Partner. 


That is my full Sam Ovens Review / Consulting Accelerator review. 

Like I said it changed my life, if you are considering it, I recommend just taking the free trial.

You can cancel your membership in 2 clicks and still maintain access to the content for 7 days. Here is my link.

It also gives you $500 off if you decide to buy. 

Other than that I recommend watching the videos on Sam Ovens Youtube Channel. They are really great, informative and telling videos about Sam, his methods, his teachings as well as his course. 

I hope I was able to help you with your career and hopefully come to a decision about if the course is right or wrong for you! 

Good Luck! 

  • Cole Michael

Consulting Accelerator™ Logo

100% worked for me and is definitely worth the money. Great for people ready to start an online business and work hard. Not for everybody. 

Sam Ovens Review Star Rating