Sam Ovens Net Worth 2021

Sam Ovens net worth in 2021 is approximately $65 Million USD. His net worth consists mostly of his ownership in, his new company Skool, and his personal assets.

This was estimated by Forbes in 2017.

On this page we will discover our possible new estimates for Sam’s net worth. 

Sam Ovens Income Statement

Sam Ovens Income Statement
As of September 2020

How We Calculated Sam Ovens Net Worth ($95 million) Logo

In a recent video released by Sam Ovens he breaks down how much money makes. This information is sourced directly from Sam Ovens himself and was released to the public in September of 2020.

He stated that generates $1,017,850 USD per month with expenses of about $500,000 so the company will make a profit of $517,860 per month or $6.2 million dollars per year! 

In 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth to be approximately $65 million based on $9 million dollars of profit the previous year. It is unclear as to why Sam has allowed his company to make less profit in 2020, as he has stated that made $30 million dollars revenue in 2018. He stated that he slowed down on spending so much money on ads and has focused on keeping his business lean and clean. He said his business is more profitable than ever, although I’m assuming he means his actual profit margin and not total profits. 

The company has made lots of money in the past, and has always had a positive cash flow. We know that Sam Ovens likes to keep his money in the company and in cash, and based on reports of his previous years of profits, I approximate that the company or Sam has at least $30 million dollars in cash ready to be invested. 

The company alone would be worth $65 million based on Forbes estimates, plus its assets I estimate that is now worth at least $95 million dollars and Sam Ovens likely owns 90%+ of the company. This is still a conservative estimate.

You can visit the website here and if you are interested in reading about their products, we wrote an entire Consulting Accelerator Review Sam Ovens.

Skool ($10 million)

Skool Logo

Sam Ovens brand new company, released to the public in 2020, Skool is an online group learning platform to compete with Facebook groups.

He stated that he funded the company with $10 million dollars, completely bootstrapped with his own money to develop it. For this reason I would give the company an evaluation of at least $10 million dollars for the time being although it is likely worth more but this would need to be proven by the market first. This is one of his investments that I am confident will be a great long term play to increase and diversify his net worth.

You can visit their website here:

Personal Assets ($10 million)

Sam Ovens Personal Assets

It is unclear exactly how much money Sam Ovens gives himself in salary, although we do know that he tries to keep his monthly expenses around $20,000. Sam Ovens Wife Ashleigh Ovens stated on her instagram that they have purchased a property in Rolling Hills, California. This house would probably set him back at least $4 million dollars based on the average house cost in the area.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Sam Ovens has personal assets of at least $10 million dollars from his salary/direct compensation over the years as well as previous ventures such as his exit in SnapInspect.


Obviously we do not have Sam Ovens exact financial statements and records, but he does give out lots of information about himself and his companies on the internet and from there we can make an approximate figure which is what we have done with this page. 

His net worth is up for debate I suppose as it depends on what you value at and if someone was willing to pay that price for it. For that reason we have used conservative estimates and also estimates that Forbes used when Sam Ovens featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list 2017. If you prefer to use real, earned numbers instead of valuations, follow on to the next section where we go over the real numbers that Sam Ovens and have reportedly made over the years.

How Much Money Has Sam Ovens Made

Some people would claim that Net Worth is not a true reflection of how much a person is worth because most times you would need to sell the company to realize those profits and they don’t actually have that amount in cash or assets. 

For that reason, we have compiled this list of how much money Sam Ovens has actually made with

2012: Revenue: $100,000 Profit: $50,000

2013: Revenue:$500,000 Profit: $375,000

2014: Revenue: $1,200,000 Profit: $900,000

2015: Revenue: $2,400,000 Profit: $1,800,000

2016: Revenue: $18,250,000 Profit: $9,000,000

2017: Revenue: $30,000,000 Profit: $15,000,000

2018: Revenue: $30,000,000 Profit: $15,000,000

2019: Revenue: $30,000,000 Profit: $10,000,000

2020: Revenue: $12,204,000 Profit: $6,214,320

TOTAL: Revenue: $122,254,000 Profit: $58,125,000

This means that and Sam Ovens have earned approximately $58,000,000 USD in PROFIT since inception. 

This is probably before tax, but still shows that the approximate net worth of $115 Million USD is likely to be very accurate and that and Sam Ovens probably have well over $30 million dollars in cash to be used for long term investments, like his recent $10 million dollar investment into building Skool.

All this information was sourced from his online blog videos, interviews, Q&A videos, and comments on his social media accounts and should not be taken as hard facts, only estimates!