Sam Ovens Prime Time News 3 Interview

About This Interview

Date: May 2015

Interviewer: Prime Time News 3 in New Zealand

Original Source: YouTube Video


Sam Ovens: (00:00):

Well, so I think the first one I heard about was when I was really young, it was Sam Morgan and Trade Me. I remember watching that on the news and I was like, Oh my God that’s so crazy.

Interviewer: (00:13):

Sam Ovens is one of a wave of young, talented Kiwis ditching the degree to chase the high tech dream.

Sam Ovens: (00:20):

I quit my job, dropped out of university and sold my car, moved out of my flat and moved back in with my parents and then set up a little mini office in the garage.

Interviewer: (00:32):

It wasn’t all plain sailing. He estimates, he lost around $30,000 in the beginning.

Sam Ovens: (00:39):

I wasn’t too concerned about the money. It was more the emotional thing for me, like my girlfriend at the time thinking I should probably get a job. My parents thinking that I should get a job and all my friends sitting in their fancy offices and their suits while I was sitting in my garage in like track pants.

Interviewer: (00:57):

But he persevered, cracking it with property management app Snap Inspect. By 24 he’d made his first million. He’s coy about just how much he’s worth now, but it’s enough to afford him a Ferrari and a fancy pad in Parnell.

Sam Ovens: (01:13):

I mean, I’m doing well for age 24, 25, but in business I’m still like an ant.

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