Sam Ovens Interview with Mary Simms

About This Interview

Date: September 2016

Interviewer: Mary Simms

Original Source: YouTube Video


Mary Simms: (00:00):

Hey, I’m Mary. Now most of us have some serious issues when it comes to money. Come on, be honest. You know what I’m talking about. Those negative associations, the guilt, all the drama and that rich bad guy of course. Well, one thing I noticed with all of the millionaire entrepreneurs I interviewed for my latest article in entrepreneur magazine is that they simply didn’t have any negative associations when it came to money. In fact, quite the opposite. At 26, Sam Ovens is a perfect example. He’s grown from very humble beginnings to being CEO of a multi-million dollar empire. We spoke and Sam offers his tips for financial success, along with the reasons he thinks everyone seems to hate the rich guy.

Mary Simms: (00:59):

All right. Hi, I’m here today with Sam Ovens. Sam, thank you so much for joining me. Glad to be here. So you are quite an interesting success story. You’re only 26 years old and you have joined a pretty elite club of folks who are not only in the seven figure earning mark, but you tell me, what is your revenue stream look like right now?

Sam Ovens: (01:19):

It’s funny because it’s actually gone to eight now. So far this year we’re in September and it’s about 10 and a half million dollars.

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Mary Simms: (01:28):

A lot of people have negative associations with money. So they’re gonna get turned off just by us talking about being a six, seven or eight annual figure earner. What are your thoughts on that? I noticed that a lot of people I talk to that are making quite a bit of money in their businesses, unlike many people who have these negative associations, they simply don’t.

Sam Ovens: (01:43):

Yeah, well you have to get rid of all of that if you ever want to have it. It is probably the biggest barrier that most people have and it’s really caused by how we’re brought up and what the media and movies and cartoons and things have conditioned us. So if you think back to like all the cartoons and movies you watched as a kid, there’s the Simpsons, Mr. Burns is like an evil person and he’s the only rich person in the TV series. Another one would be Scrooge McDuck. There is countless ones. I actually tried to make a list once and it got pretty big. There is a lot of kids movies and even grown-up movies too where they always make the rich guy to be bad or evil. I don’t know why, I don’t know who started this thing, but that’s why people think that way. It’s pretty crazy.

Mary Simms: (02:47):

What are some of the things that you would credit your success to, especially at such a young age?

Sam Ovens: (02:54):

it would just purely be just like sticking to something and just wanting it bad enough.

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Mary Simms: (03:00):

And so for you, what really helped you to get those breakthroughs to get to this point? I know earlier when we were speaking, you said that you really think being the best is one of the most important things.

Sam Ovens: (03:12):

Yeah. I think pick one thing and stick to it and just like devote everything you’ve got it and be like I want to be the best in the world at that. You don’t have to actually be the best, but that’s how you get really good. When the world is full of generalists and if you’re actually a specialist at something, if you actually truly know it and care about it and understand it, it’s amazing how successful you can be.

Mary Simms: (03:40):

You told me something that I think is quite interesting and probably everyone would either agree or choose to disagree with, especially in the world of the internet. You do so much internet marketing. A lot of what you do is online. You told me that you, unlike many of the other high earning entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to for this story who are very focused on building relationships and partnerships and say that’s one of the key factors to their success, you say no way, you say relationships not important.

Sam Ovens: (04:06):

I’m not saying they’re not important. I’m just saying I’m not good at getting them and maintaining them and keeping them. I prefer not to talk to people. I prefer to just read books and think about things. So the way I’ve built my company is very different to the way a lot of other people build their company.

Mary Simms: (04:25):

I think possibly because you are so good at what you do, that is one of the reasons why you have been able to be successful without necessarily building those relationships. Would you agree with that?

Sam Ovens: (04:36):

Yeah, I was just focused. I just figured out what the most important thing was and just made sure I did that well. I knew everything else would take care of itself.

Mary Simms: (04:45):

And what was the most important thing?

Sam Ovens: (04:48):

The end result that you’re trying to deliver. Any and every product, every service, it delivers some sort of benefit to the customer and provided you get that right you can really mess everything else up.

Mary Simms: (05:04):

That’s great advice. Talk to me a little bit about how you have systemized everything in your business and the simplicity of it that has really helped you to scale and become successful.

Sam Ovens: (05:16):

So the biggest thing is just actually getting rid of stuff. So a lot of people will try and systemize something when really the best thing to do is just get rid of it. So what I did, what I’ve done at multiple different points in time is just go through everything and just see what I can cut away. Because when you have too many things to manage and handle, you’re slow and it’ll break. The more I go down this path, the more I learned that you really can only do one thing. So I still sometimes tell myself I can do a couple, but I always ended up dropping the ball. The less things you have to worry about the better you will do.

Mary Simms: (06:01):

And top three pieces of advice for somebody looking to maybe perhaps break past earning six figures and get into that seven, eight figure revenue stream on an annual basis?

Sam Ovens: (06:13):

Sure. So first of all, it’s just that you’ve got to commit to one thing. So I think a lot of six-figure earners are still generalists, pick something and just say that is it. That’s the only thing I’m going to do. The second thing is just focus on being really good at what you do and forget about everything else, like deliver amazing results for your clients. Then the third one would just be really to not ever give up. I mean, a lot of people always ask what’s the secret to success, well it’s not giving up. That’s what it is.