About Us

Fan created and run. Learn more about the Sam Ovens Discount website.


Our Mission

This website was created with the purpose of being a hub for information about Sam Ovens and his teachings, and also to provide new customers with a discount. This website is created by his students and fans of his content. On our website you will find updated information about Sam Ovens personal life, businesses, and his teachings, present and past. As well as reviews and fact checking content. All the information is consistently updated and crowd sourced by his students to give you the most accurate information available at the time. 


I started this website after I found myself constantly looking up and rewatching the same content from Sam Oven’s YouTube channel over and over again. I ended up taking notes on the topics that I would constantly revisit multiple blog videos of which are 20 minutes each. I have turned those notes into online posts. For example, you can find my notes on “Sam Ovens Discipline” which is compiled from all the free videos Sam Ovens has posted for us. I later then started a directory for information such as Sam Ovens Interviews where you can find all the interviews Sam Ovens has ever done since he began his career in business. 

I hope you find great use out of this website, I was happy to publish my notes and create this site. Feel free to contact me and send me your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for this website and what you would like to see!