Sam Ovens Discount + Free Trial for Consulting Accelerator 

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How It Works: Consulting Accelerator Discount and Trial

Step One: Click the discount and free trial button above 

Step Two: It will bring you to a page on that looks like this:

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Step Three: Fill out the form and claim your Sam Ovens discount and free trial for the Consulting Accelerator Course

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Remember, This Discount and Free Trial is Invitation Only!


Why? This offer only exists because Sam Ovens wanted to stop giving “Zucks” so much Facebook Ad money. He normally doesn’t offer discounts or free trials but he decided as long as active members in the Consulting Accelerator community invite others they can get a $500 discount.

So here I am, giving you the special Sam Ovens discount for Consulting Accelerator. Click the button below to claim it.

What You Get: Sam Ovens Discount

6 Week online training program

Consulting Accelerator online course portal

Showing you step by step everything you need to know about becoming a real entrepreneur and starting a consulting business, getting you your first paying client in 42 days.  

Physical box set of training materials and workbooks.

Consulting Accelerator Physical Books

Included in the box: Alchemy Notebook, Training workbooks with course content, Alchemy of self workbook, Alchemic conversion sales script, and the Alchemic Daily Planner   


Interactive Online Community of EntrepreneursConsulting Accelerator Facebook Group

It’s hard to change your life when you are surrounded by the same people. Join over 16,000 people in the private group that are on the same journey as you or have already overcame the challenges you are facing and can help you if you reach out to them. Seeing other people be successful as an entrepreneur with the program will give you the confidence that it is possible for you

Not Sure If You Want To Buy From Sam Ovens?

Active Students

Dollars Earned by Students

Millionaire Students

Jobs Quit
Review Rating for Sam Ovens

As you can see from the real numbers, the students of Sam’s Consulting Accelerator course are very satisfied with their purchase and have had a lot of proven success with it. 

I myself can vouch for the course and can say that it has changed my life for the better and I’ve found it to be worth much much more than what I paid. (Plus I used the discount to buy it)

Here are some of my favorite customer interviews and testimonials from customers of Sam’s course:

Video Game Addict to 400k / year

18 Months of Procrastination to 9k / month in 3 Weeks

0-60k / month with Facebook Ads Clients

Personally, my favorite part of the course was the way it teaches you to be productive and disciplined. The mindset training in this course is top notch and will not be found anywhere else. If you feel as though you know what to do, but can’t seem to do it, this course is for you. If you feel like you can’t focus on work and are too distracted, then this course is for you.

If you know it is time to break your old habits that haven’t got you where you want to go, then don’t think about it any longer, this program is for you. I was in the same spot and it was perfect for me.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Discount and Free Trial

What is the price of Consulting Accelerator?

The price of consulting accelerator is $1999 USD. If you use the referral link on this page, the new price becomes $1499. $500 discount.

Are there any other offers or Sam Ovens discounts available?

No. This is the only consulting accelerator discount available. There are no other discounts in existence. $500 off from being referred by a student is the only coupon, discount, or sale available.

How do I claim the discount?

You can claim the discount by clicking on the button at the top of this page. This will refer you to the course by me, a current student. This will bring you to the sign up form where your discount will be applied when you sign up for your account on

How does the free trial work?

You will get access to Sam Ovens course for free. This lasts for 7 days after you sign up for the free trial. After 7 days, you will be asked to purchase the course to continue having your access. The free trial does not include access to the paid Consulting Accelerator private community but instead has it’s own community.

What if I don’t want to pay after my free trial?

If you decide you don’t want to pay for Sam Ovens course after the trial period you can cancel anytime with 1 click in the settings page. You won’t pay a cent and there are no obligations.

Why does sam ovens offer a discount and trial?

The discount and trial is only available because Sam wanted to offer his current consulting accelerator students a way to invite their friends and offer a discount if they sign up. This saves him money on advertising. He calculated what it would cost him to acquire a customer through ads and then came up with a discount and affiliate program.

Are you a student of consulting accelerator?

Yes. I am a happy customer of and student of Consulting Accelerator. I even used this same discount to buy the program so I only paid $1499 USD. It was worth every penny and I still actively use the program, community group, and training today. I review some modules in the training as much as once per week because they are that powerful and relevant to me.

How do I know if I can trust sam ovens and consulting accelerator?

A good place to start would be his free content on YouTube or his blog. That is where he earned my trust. Seeing what he teaches, how he thinks, the results he has got for other people and what those people have to say about him and the course. All these things earned him my trust. Also, there is no risk in signing up for the free trial, seeing what the course is actually like, and then deciding if you trust Sam in that 7 day period. If you don’t think it will work for you or make you your money back, you can just cancel with one click and you won’t pay anything. (Although I doubt you will feel this way after the trial)

Are you getting paid to write this?

Technically I am not being paid to write this, as I’m not an employee or contractor for Sam Ovens / But.. I am a happy student and I believe in the program so if you click one of the discount links on this page, you will receive $500 off and I will also receive a affiliate commission from it. Think of it as a good, symbiotic relationship where we both benefit. Otherwise you would have to pay $500 extra.

Is it possible to get consulting accelerator for free?

There is lots of Free Sam Ovens training available on YouTube and his blog that he has decided should be released for free. He has even released some of the best modules from the training. If you are talking about getting the whole program Conuslting Accelerator for free, then no, it is not possible or ethical. Sam Ovens and are very rigorous in removing any copyrighted content from the course from the internet. Even if you could magically find a way to get the full course content for free, I still would not recommend it. Some of the most valuable aspects that you get with this course are the private community group, the physical textbooks, and the live Q&A calls where you can ask questions. It is however possibly to sign up for the course’s free trial and get it for free that way, cancelling your account before it charges you.

Can I get a refund?

If you finished the free trial and paid for the course, then decide you want a refund, then they offer a full 14-day money back refund policy. If you are not happy with what you purchased, just reach out to the support and they will take care of you. I have worked with the support team there many times and they are always great.

What will the course teach me?

The key take aways and summary of what this course will teach you is this:

  • Reprogram your brain and mindset for success and productivity
  • How to discover your niche market
  • How to identify a problem in that market
  • How to create a powerful solution to that problem
  • How to market and sell that solution to the niche
  • How to generate a six figure profit selling that solution
How long is the training?

Consulting Accelerator is about 120 hours long. I personally like to watch it on 1.5 – 2x speed to make it a bit more efficient.

How long will I have access to the training?

When you purchase consulting accelerator, Sam assures you lifetime access to the content you purchased, lifetime access to the private community, and I believe an opportunity to get future versions of the training at no cost as well!

What other content do you post on this website?

We have lots of content! Most of it is about Sam Ovens personal life or it is about his business life where we break down what he is worth and every day dollar he has reportedly made! We also offer reviews, interview transcriptions and more! Additional content will be coming soon.

Can I contact you if I have a question?

Yes! Absolutely I would love to help you out any way I can and assist you on your journey or even just hear from some of you. Please go to the contact page on this website to reach out to me.